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Cancellation Policy

If you make a reservation, you are responsible for paying for the trip or finding your own replacement... PERIOD!  No exceptions guys.  No refunds will be given.  If you get a flat tire or your car broke down, or you overslept etc....This doesn’t mean you are entitled to your money back.  I’ve heard every excuse there doesn’t matter.  If the boat leaves the dock and you are not on it while you made a reservation you still have to honor the fee...PERIOD.   


If you buy tickets to a sporting event and you don’t make the event for whatever reason, you wouldn’t expect your money back.  The same rules apply here.  Please be considerate and do the right thing as we are sailing with less than 1/2 our licensed capacity.  Every reservation is extremely important to us.  If the Captain decides the trip will be canceled due to inclement weather, monies will be refunded.  The Captain will solely be responsible for making the call if a trip is canceled or not!  Safety is paramount and my passengers' safety will never be compromised.  Thank you! 

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